A Little Introduction...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hello you lovely people! I'm Amber, the gal behind Bloom and Body and I just thought I'd jump on here to introduce myself and show you some of my work outside of this business. So some basic info first: the name is Amber, I'm 24, and currently living in London with the lovely puppy Turnip. I come from a very arty family (you may have seen the beautiful candlesticks I've been selling for my mum on here after she followed my foray into the world of ceramics) and always knew I wanted to have a creative career. This wasn't exactly the kind of thing I had in mind but so grateful and happy that it's come about!

So if you have already read my about page you'll know I'm a 2020 graphic design graduate from the Glasgow School of Art but with the global pandemic, that's been kicking about for what now seems like forever, I had been finding it hard to secure a job in industry and kind of stumbled into the world of ceramics. I definitely didn’t think I’d be running my own nude vase business at this point, I thought I’d be settling into my first graduate position in a graphic design studio but here we are! I’m so lucky to be in a position where I could start up my own creative business and am so happy I’ve done so, I don’t think I could handle a global pandemic and being in a job completely devoid of creativity.

My graphic design work focuses on art direction and process lead design. This stems from my love of process, whether that be the carving of Lino or the sketching of letterforms, I really enjoy the journey from the initial spark of an idea through all it’s iterations until it’s final form as well as the constant learning that comes with the discovery of new techniques relevant to my projects. I'd say my design style falls between graphics and illustration as my practice often includes some kind of image making element. This even translates into my lettering and typography with my interest in decorative and bespoke type design, which is best illustrated through my work with FATHER (see images below).

If you'd like to see more of my work you can head over to my website or follow my design account on instagram here!

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