• Love the cloudy Amy in her newest shimmering form, like a hazy summers day 


    Can't get over how lovely this blue clay is, that's right that blue is just the clay! These are super limited editition as they're made from a dried up lump I found in the basement so not sure where to get any more of this specific blue so get your hands on it now or regret it forever.

    Lustre Cloudy Amy

    • Returns will only be accepted if the item is faulty / arrives damaged.

      As each piece is glazed to order unfortunately I cannot do exchanges if, for example, a vase was bought as a gift and the recipient would rather another colour.  

    • As the vases are glazed to order there will be a delay of 3 - 6 days between purchase and dispatch, each firing takes two and a half days and I only have a small kiln so if there's too many orders I won't be able to fit them all in at once.

      Each vase is sent Royal mail  signed for for peace of mind