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Bloom and Body Handmade ceramic vases female form


Hi, I'm Amber and Bloom and Body is my one woman ceramics business. My current collection of work is based off of illustrations from life drawing sessions as well as my own body that have then been translated into fully functional vases. My work celebrates the human form and aim’s to showcase the beautiful curves and lines of our bodies. Each vase is completely handmade by myself with no moulds in sight meaning each piece is unique. You can even opt for a made to order vase which are customisable with a wide variety of glaze options to truly get a one of a kind object. If vases aren't your thing there's plenty of other things on offer ranging from lamps to plant pots.

So a little bit more about me, I’m a 2020 Glasgow School of Art communication design Graduate and current graphic and communications lead at WR-AP architects. I built up up this little business to enable me to keep making more creative work as well as it being a life line during the height of the pandemic when I struggled to find a job in industry. Without lockdown I would never have founded this little business as ceramics was never something I thought I’d be doing after graduating in graphic design. It’s been a bit of a learning curve but I think the skills of running an independent business are going to prove invaluable.

Get in touch here or look through my graphics work here.

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