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  • Can my vase be glazed in  any colour?
    All glaze to order pieces can be made in your choice of colour from the wide range of colours I have in stock. You can either drop me a note with your order to see the glazes I have available or click here to look through the glaze index.
  • Why is there a lead time on my order?
    If you've chosen a glaze to order item I'll need to glaze and fire your vase. The firing process takes almost two days in itself and there is an allowance added to the lead time to try and ensure there are enough orders to fill the kiln for both cost and environmental reasons.
  • What's the process when I order a custom vase?
    I offer custom vases that can be based on your own body or art work so you can start off by using the contact sheet to get in touch or purchase through the listing in my shop. The first step is for you to supply your image / images so I can help you choose which would work best in vase format. As with all my work you can pick a glaze to suit your style or interiors. I have worked from personal nudes and life drawing sketches so far but happy to discuss any other ideas you might have!
  • What are you doing to be sustainable?
    All my packaging is either recyclable, recycled, reused or sourced from eco friendly companies to ensure my business doesn't cause harm to our environment. I also aim to fill my kiln as much as I can for each firing to avoid wasting energy firing multiple smaller batches which is one of the reasons there is a slight lead time on glaze to order pieces.
  • Are your vases suitable for fresh flowers?
    Unless otherwise stated each vase is fully glazed so can be used for both fresh and dried flowers.
  • Do you take wholesale orders?
    Yes I do! I am currently setting up a profile on Faire but don't hesitate to get in contact in the meantime
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